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Our company was formed in 1996 and is built on the principle that the best medicine is the most cost-effective.
Our business continues to grow because our clients recognize the unique value our team's consulting and industry experience provides.
Our advisors have operations experience in hospitals, physician organizations and insurance companies. We don't recommend strategies unless they can be successfully implemented.
Our collective experience includes serving as executives in the management consulting practices of two large "Big Four" accounting firms, Vice President Physician Services and Network Integration at a large medical center, Administrator at large multispecialty and OB/GYN group practices, senior executives in two large health care insurance brokerages, Director of Managed Care for the nation's preeminent association of group practices, and Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Masters in Health Administration Program at the University of Southern California teaching Management of HMOs and Managed Care Organizations; and, Strategic and Operational Planning for Health.
Our unique blend of consulting and operational experiences enables our clients to benefit from our ability to quickly identify critical success factors underlying business performance and to design and implement strategies and programs to significantly improve performance.
Our strategies match organizational cultures to ensure successful implementation. When the preferred strategies do not match existing culture, we work with our clients to transform the culture.
These unique qualities allow Joseph Mack & Associates to make a distinctive and substantial impact for our clients.

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Joseph Mack & Associates
P.O. Box 23
Dana Point, CA 92629

Phone: (949) 481-0602

E-mail: joseph.mack@jmahealthcare.com

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