Personalized, Practical and Cost-Effective Solutions

As a boutique health care management consulting firm JMA provides more personalized, practical and cost-effective solutions than our competitors. We keep our overhead low to offer better value consulting fees to our clients. What sets us apart from our competitors – large or small – is that provide services through individuals with extensive operations experience as well as the technical expertise of larger firms.
We design our services based on clients’ needs rather than on internal profitability drivers.
Creative and Workable Solutions
We stress creativity and innovation to guide our insights and recommendations. Our reports address nuances gained only from having actually managed similar initiatives and learned from successes and failures within these organizations.
Exclusive Health Care Focus
JMA specializes exclusively in health care. We approach engagements from the perspective of will it work? Strategy does not matter if it cannot be implemented and sustained over time. Our recommendations are creative yet practical, collaborative, and reflect seasoned judgment.
Collaboration with Other Professionals
JMA frequently works in conjunction with attorneys, valuation and financial professionals as a team member in various transactions, or when a second opinion is requested.
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Technical Expertise and Excellence

We provide the technical expertise of larger firms in a more personalized, cost-effective manner: Our technical expertise includes:
  • Use of organizational development and change management techniques to create shared values, vision, governance, goals and tactics to overcome resistance to change, and to sustain implementation of integrated delivery system partnerships between physicians and hospitals, and for creation of medical homes and accountable care organizations (ACO) initiatives.
  • Customization and integration of accounting, tax, financial services, and information technology expertise into engagements creating personalized solutions for each client.
  • Creation and implementation of industry standard charts of accounts enabling the capture, measurement and management of pertinent financial information between physicians and hospitals including processes and reports for risk adjusted payment, capitation, retroactive additions and deletions, coordination of benefits, third party liability, and subrogation.
  • Preparation of financial projections and prospective financial statements to present an accountable care organization or “limited license” HMO’s expected financial position, results of operations, and cash flows to comply with state licensure requirements, and to determine an entity’s tangible net equity funding requirement to establish and maintain solvency.
  • Assessment and improvement of the validity and accuracy of information generated by accounting systems, controls, and reporting for physician practices, medical groups, physician practice management companies, medical homes and accountable care organizations.
Tax, Financial Services and Insurance
  • Creation of strategies to ensure non-profit hospitals participating in hospital-physician joint ventures, medical homes and accountable care organizations comply with Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rules and regulations to maintain their tax-exempt status including:
  • Development of strategies for hospitals, health plans, physician groups, medical homes and accountable care organizations to create captive and risk retention insurance companies to for risk management and risk financing, and/or tax minimization and deferral purposes.
  • Evaluation of risk transfer strategies (insurance) and referral to brokers for hospitals, physician practices, medical homes and accountable care organizations.
Information Technology
  • Creation of business intelligence and decision support solutions to automate, identify, capture, and compile data into information to drive financial and clinical performance improvement for hospitals, physician organizations, medical homes and accountable care organizations.
  • Deployment of application service provider (ASP) information technology to gather and compile information from hospitals, physician practices, medical homes and accountable care organizations into disease specific benchmarks for cost reduction and quality improvement.
  • Creation of business plans evaluating the cost and benefit of various electronic medical records (EMR) options, costs, time required for implementation, and responsible parties for physician practices, medical homes and accountable care organizations. Other considerations include:
  • Refinement of physician group practice, medical home and accountable care organization EMR’s clinical rules and protocols, boilerplate screens, and reports to maximize the use and effectiveness of the business and clinical use.
Strategic Planning
  • Creation of strategic plans for hospitals, physician groups, health systems, managed care payors, medical homes and accountable care organizations throughout the United States. Examples of plans developed include:
Physician Compensation
  • Creation of incentive-based physician compensation formulas for hospitals, physician practices, medical homes and accountable care organizations throughout the United States.
  • Development or redesign of governance structures for physician group practices, integrated delivery systems, medical homes, and accountable care organizations.
  • Creation and auditing of privacy and security, red flags rules, and payment card industry standard policies and procedures pertaining to:
JMA leverages our deep and extensive health care management and consulting expertise to help you manage your business, improve operations and protect and enhance your capital.

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